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The Operalicious Cookbook

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From Rossini's famed recipes to dramatic onstage dinners, opera has always been associated with food. The Operalicious Cookbook has created menus designed to immerse yourself in the food of opera. Travel to Egypt with 'Aida' to feast on Kofta and Fattoush, to Spain for Sangria and Paella with 'Carmen' and the Southern US for Fried Chicken with 'Susanna'. Recreate the historical opera dishes of tenor, Enrique Caruso with his Naples Style Bucatini and Risotto from composer Giuseppe Verdi. Also included are Opera Singer’s Favorites with Classic Bread Pudding from soprano Jacqueline Ornsby, Friulan Polenta from bass Suzanne Fatta, Pasta e Fagioli from Salvatore Licitra, tenor and Rueben Slaw from Jacqueline Quirk, soprano. Also look for Opera Buffs Obsessions with La Pizza Con Funghi from Seymour Barab and Opera Sweets including Opera Cake from soprano Danielle DiStefano, Opera Blondies from Ruth Newman, Opera Fudge and Opera Cremes from Sylvia Volk. Also included: a synopsis of each opera to round out your gastronomic opera listening sessions!

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