Nickel City Opera


Eileen Breen-Executive Director 

Valerian Ruminski-Interim Artistic Director

Suzanne Fatta-Managing Director

Matthias Manasi-Music Director

Steve Vaughan-Production Director

Nickel City Opera

Board of Directors

Valerian Ruminski-Chairman

Fran Cirbus

Anthony Grisanti

Founded in 2004, Nickel City Opera is a 501 c3 nonprofit and Buffalo’s only major opera company producing full-scale operas, complete with costumes, sets and a full orchestra.


Founder and Artistic Director Valerian Ruminski utilizes his extensive network of friends and colleagues as well as his own experience as an opera and concert performer to cast NCO’s shows with talent Western New York audiences might not have the opportunity to see. 


“The one word that keeps coming up as I receive feedback on our productions is ‘value,’” said Ruminski.  Citing a region and era where dollars are tight, Ruminski says many different forms of entertainment compete to receive peoples’ hard earned money. “I’m proud to say we’re able to keep the ticket prices of our productions reasonable and still provide audiences with a quality show, including professional opera singers and musicians.”


Indeed, NCO’s productions have received favorable reviews from local media, which further underscore the surprise and delight in finding such a jewel amidst Western New York’s celebrated artistic organizations.


With the continued goal of producing high quality opera and quest to bring opera to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, NCO looks forward to building on its success through acclaimed performances, innovative fundraising and community outreach.

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